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               Gamma Oracle Dimension Inc. started in April 2012. Over the years, the group has a proven track record of a variety of I.T. and Telecommunications Distribution projects including structured cabling, systems integration, hardware and software support.

           Today, Gamma Oracle Dimension Inc. takes pride of the knowledge, skills and expertise of the team who work hand in hand to deliver successful projects and provide clients with an “I am satisfied” experience with our customized and cost-efficient solutions.

            Gamma Oracle Dimension Inc. is focusing on establishing long term I.T. relationships with our clients and partners. Most of our clients have been with us for at least 2 years or much longer. We value relationships and this allow us to understand more the client’s differences, their unique requirements, and needs. The organization always seeks constant improvement and continuous service.


Gamma Oracle Dimension Inc. is an innovative company committed to delivering excellent I.T. products and solutions. Ensures client’s satisfaction and repeat business.


1. Customer Greetings

Our highly trained team welcomes you when you enter our service area or professionally receives your call/email.

2. Diagnosis

We listen carefully to your requirements, process and review for better understanding.

3. Requirements

Before starting any service, we will make time to visit your project location and send you a formal proposal.

4. Pricing

Gamma Oracle Dimension Inc. offers a reasonable price for quality service and products.

5. Implementation Stage

Services will be implemented promptly and our team will provide the status of the project in a precise manner.

6. Monitoring


7. Final Checking

Before we turnover any project, we conduct a punch list and our team will be in coordination with you for any updates.

8. Turnover

We take pride in our projects and during the turnover we provide supporting documents for the project.

9. Follow-up

We value YOU! You are one of our assets and building a continuous relationship is what we do. So don’t get surprised if you receive a call/email from us after the project.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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